That's about all the French I'm going to write for now. The reason I'm writing in English all of a sudden, is that I have noticed that I have had a lot of international visitors at my blog these last few days, mostly from France. That's really fun! Although I suppose it would be more fun for you if you could actually understand what I am writing. (Sorry, but French is not an option. It's hard enough for me to decipher all these stitches in English for now, and I've forgotten way too much of the French that I once learned).

So, please write a comment and tell me! Where are you from? How did you find this blog? Is google translate acceptable, or would you like me to also write in English from now on? And of course I would like to see what you are doing, too! Do you have a blog or an account somewhere to share with me and the other blog readers?

Be happy!